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Beginner's Guide

Not everyone is a web professional. That's why we have collected the most serious steps needed to get started with EQdkp Plus.

You will an extensive installation guide with images in our Wiki.

Download & Upload

  • First, Download a EQdkp Plus Package: Download
  • Unzip the Package on your local PC
  • Upload the two files (one zip-Archive and one file named install.php) into the desired folder of your webspace.
  • Open the install.php with your browser. If you had uploaded the files into the folder "eqdkp", you have to browse to www.deinedomain.de/eqdkp/install.php
  • Now the package will be unzipped and you will redirected to the Installer of EQdkp Plus
  • If the package can't be unzipped, you have to unzip the uploaded archive on your local PC und upload all unzipped files to the desired folder of your webspace.


  • First, the Requirements of your server will be checked
  • If php safemode is enabled or you don't want to give folders writing permissions, you can activate the FTP-Mode. Ask your Hoster for the FTP Credentials.
  • Create a random Encryption-Key that you should store securly. With this Key, critical information will be stored encrypted, like your users' Email-Addreses.
  • Next, insert the Database-Credentials provided by your Hoster.
  • Now select the game and some other settings. All settings can be changed after the installation, too.

First Steps

Now your Installation of EQdkp Plus is finished and you're ready to go. We recommend making the tour through EQdkp Plus presentating you the features of EQdkp Plus. You can start this tour from the indexpage of the Admin Panel at every time.

Moreover, we collected some helpful articles for EQdkp Plus in our Wiki:

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