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EQdkp Plus is a community project, which means that it lives from the contributions by the users. Below you will find some ways to get involved in this project.

Create Games

We cannot create all games out there, and we don't play all games that we support. Therefore it's possible for you to create your own game support for EQdkp Plus.

  • Use our Gamebuilder to create the basic gamestructure, with the needed classes, roles and icons
  • You can extend your game to support importer, own profile looks and much more. Take a look at our wiki article

Create Plugins & Modules

Because we can't implement every feature to the Core of EQdkp Plus, it is possible to enhance EQdkp Plus with plugins and modules. We have collected some articles for you about creating plugins and modules:

Create Templates

Creating a unique Template is very easy. That's why we have collected some articles for you. And the community will appreciate it if you will share your created template to them.


Help us translating EQdkp Plus in other languages. We developed an translation tool to help you translating.

If your language is not there, you want to become an language validator or you have translated files, please contact the user GodMod in our forum.


EQdkp Plus has an API to communicate with external applications. For more information, please take a look at Plus Exchange.

GitHub / Track Changes

Our development takes part at GitHub. To track changes of all of our repositories, we created the page GitHub Repositories.

A tutorial for using GIT and more information about git is availabe at our Wiki.

Moreover, we created the page CodeChanges which displays the changes on files from older versions to the recent one, so you can easily port your extensions to the latest version.

More Information

You will find more information about the Development of Extensions for EQdkp Plus at our Developer-Section of our Wiki.

You can share your Extensions with other EQdkp Plus User using our Repository. A tutorial is available in our Wiki.

If you want to make changes to the EQdkp Plus Core (Bugfixes, Patches, new Features, ...), you need to agree to the "EQdkp Plus Contributer Agreement".

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