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EQdkp Plus offers a variety of functions to support your guild or clan. Here is a small selection of them:

  • Calendar

    Create single and repeating raids and allows characters to sign in. Also, ical-Feeds can be imported and normal events like guildmeetings can be created.

  • Create own pages

    Due to our new article system, you can create complex, grouped and divided pages for all your needs. There is no need to use an additional CMS anymore.

  • Integration of Forums/CMS

    With so called Bridges you can use the Userbase of your forum or other CMS. User just have to register once at your Forum, but can use their credentials in your EQdkp Plus. Some Bridges are supporting a Single Sign On (SSO), that means if a user logges into the EQdkp Plus, he is automatically logged into your forum.

    Supported Forums/CMS:

    • Drupal
    • e107
    • EQdkp Plus
    • IPB3
    • Joomla
    • MyBB (with SSO)
    • phpbb3 (with SSO)
    • SMF2 (with SSO)
    • vBulletin
    • wbb3, wbb4 & WCS/WBB 5 (with SSO)
    • Wordpress
    • XenForo
    • Discord
    • Ilch 1 & 2
  • Lootsystems

    EQdkp Plus supports some Lootsystems like Suicide Kings (SKS) with different variants, effective DKP, Zero Sum or EPGP. Or you can disable the whole Point system.

  • Select your Columns

    With the new Layout-Manager you can select the columns you want to show on pages like Roster or Points very easily. Therefore you can show the information you need.

  • Extensibility

    EQdkp Plus was build modular, so you can easily extend it. Because of this, there are Extensions like an application management or a MediaCenter for Images, Videos and Files. Also, you can use a variety of portal modules to give your portal an individual note.

  • Customization

    You can change many colors by the builtin style editor. If this is not enough for you, we implemented a LESS parser to make creating an own style a lot easier.

  • Guild- and Charimport

    For some games, EQdkp Plus supports the import of the entiry Guild or single characters, elemenating the annoying creation and updating of characters.

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