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License Information for EQdkp Plus versions before 2.0 are available at License - Older Versions.


We believe in the principles of Open Source-Software. That's why we license EQdkp Plus since version 2.0 under the open source licence AGPLv3. This license is approved by the Open Software Initiative. But sometimes, the AGPL is not the right license for you, therefore we offer some commercial licenses.

Open Source License

AGPL v3.0

We believe in the principles of Open Source-Software. That's why we license EQdkp Plus since version 2.0 under the open source license AGPL v3.0. This license is approved by the Open Software Initiative and supports the true meaning of open development and the spirit of free software. More information about the AGPL v3.0 and hints, what you are allowed do with the license and what not, you will find at AGPL v3.0.


Sometimes, an open source license is not enough. Sometimes you need a bit more for your projects. That's why we offer some commercial licenses.

EQdkp Plus CRL v1.0

If you want to remove our Copyright and Backlink to this website at the bottom of EQdkp Plus, the EQdkp Plus CRL v1.0 license is the right one for you. With this license you are allowed to remove the visible Copyright. All other terms of the AGPL remain.

EQdkp Plus HPL v1.0

This license is the right one for everyone that wants to host EQdkp Plus "as a Service", but doesn't want to make the sourcecode of the Application available. The EQdkp Plus HPL v1.0 removes this term from the AGPL, all other terms still remain.

More information about our commercial licenses are available at Commercial Licenses.

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