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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

We try to give answers to important questions. If you have additional questsions, you can use our community board.

When will version x.x released?

Thats a tricky question. Software development is a time-intensive and error-prone business. Because of that it is quite difficult to guess the correct release dates. We think it is better not to give you release dates, as you might be dissapointed if we are forced to move it for the third time to hunt down the bugs and test the release. We try to guarantee you a bugfree release, this could only be achieved if we have the time we need for the development process. Normal answers to that question might be "When its done" or "Soon". Please be patient and don't ask when a specific version will be released. We are working hard to minimize the time until the release - it will not speed up development when asking for release dates...

My game is not supported - what do you need?

Normally, new games are released nearly every week. As we are not playing most of the games by ourselves, we need your help for this. If you want your game to be supported, we need at least the following information posted in the games forums:

  • Names of the classes, races and fractions
  • Class and race icons (not the char images, only the icons)
  • Which class is connected to which race, or faction (Example: Druid -> Night Elves only)
  • Eventicons (thats raid icons)
  • event names (Raid names)
  • Version of the game
  • (Optional) Class colors
  • (Optional) Rolle distribution (Which class is damage dealer, hunter, etc)
  • (Optional) Item database available?

As the creation and maintenance of the game modules takes a lot of time, donations are welcome;)

Why does the wrapper not work?

Most of the time, it's because your board and the EQdkp Plus installation are not on the same Domain. Only if both are using the same domain, the Eqdkp Plus wrapper can access the height of your board. If they are not on the same Domain, a security policy called "Same Origin Policy" prevents the access to different domains. Please not that a subdomain is also a different domain (like www)

Here some example that will not work:

Forum: forum.domain.com, EQdkp Plus: domain.com
Forum: domain.com/forum, EQdkp Plus: dkp.domain.com 
Forum: domain.com, EQdkp Plus: www.domain.com 
Forum: www.domain.com, EQdkp Plus: domain.com

Why does the Single Sign-On not work?

The main reason, why the Single Sign-On (SSO) between EQdkp Plus and your board/CMS is not working, are wrong cookie settings in your board. 

The cookie settings of EQdkp Plus don't have to be changes, because they are not used for the SSO.


  • Insert the domain to your forum into the CMS-Bridge settings. If your board is in a subfolder like "/forum", you should insert the domain "http://domain.com/forum/".
  • If the SSO still does not work, you have to check your cookie settings in your board.
  • Cookie-Domain: if the board is using a normal domain, then .domain.com is the right cookie domain. If you are using a subdomain, like forum.domain.com, then .forum.domain.com is your cookie domain. Yes, the leading point is correct.
  • Cookie-Pfad: it should be "/" , or if you have installed your forum in a subfolder, then e.g. "/forum/"
  • Cookie-Name: the cookie name should be different than the one of the EQdkp Plus


If the SSO is still not working, here is a guide to find the failure:

  • Follow the instructions to setup the SSO
  • Logoff from forum and EQdkp Plus (check it twice)
  • Delete all cookies in your browser
  • Login into the EQdkp Plus installation
  • Go to the cookie settings of your Browser and take a look at the set cookies. You will find the cookies from EQdkp Plus and your board. The last ones are the one we should take a closer look at. Examine the Cookie-Domain and the Cookie-Path, as well as the cookie-name of the set board cookies.
  • Login into your board
  • If the SSO is not working, additional cookies should now be added. Compare the new cookies with the old ones and take a look what the difference is: the domain, path or name.
  • If it is the domain or path, check the cookie settings at your board. If it is the name, choose a different name for the cookies. You can also do this at EQdkp Plus, if you cannot change it at your board. 

Is EQdkp Plus for free?

Yes, EQdkp Plus is for free. Of course you can support us by donating some money, so we can continue offering our services to you.

How can I install EQdkp Plus?

Installing EQdkp Plus is easy. You will find an instruction here.

How can I update EQdkp Plus?

There are several ways to update an EQdkp installation. You will find a helpful article in our Wiki.


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