• Wednesday, 8. July 2020 15:04

Eqdkp-Plus 2.0 Preview 1


The release of 1.0 a year ago marked the beginning of a new chapter of Eqdkp-Plus. We heard your suggestions and hints and continued our journey to a better game-CMS. Today, we want to give you the first impressions on our upcoming version. Eqdkp-plus 2.0 is in closed alpha stage starting today, if you are a template designer or plugin author who wants to join - ask in the forums.

After more than 10 years of blue love, we are introducing our new, light template: eqdkp_modern. This template uses the actual web technologies such as web fonts, css3 and html5. Because of that, Eqdkp-Plus 2.0 will not run on InternetExplorer [lt] 9, and requires at least PHP 5.4.

We heard your complains and added a brand new media manager for easier image and file management. Furthermore it is now possible to add galleries to articles or user created pages. The log files are now searchable and new filters were added.

Additionally, we added some frequently asked features such as raid groups, better link management, more CMS features, better pages, a better, more powerfull game API for your games and a ton other features. Additionally, we improved the core by adding a new datbase abstraction layer, a new forms class and other, future-proof features.

We hope you like the new look and are looking forward to give it a try...

The dev team

PS: There is one last thing: Please check our FAQ before asking for release dates and how to join the alpha...

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