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FAQ to the end of Development of EQdkp Plus


We created a list with Questions and Answers (FAQ) for you, as the end of development of EQdkp Plus does not mean the end for your guild pages.

  1. Can I continue using EQdkp Plus?
    Of course. We also have a new Version, EQdkp Plus 2.3 (currently Beta) for you.

  2. Will there be updates for EQdkp Plus?
    Yes, we will provide security updates, as well as bugfix releases (especially for 2.3)

  3. Will there be new features for EQdkp Plus?
    EQdkp Plus 2.3 has a lot of new features, but furthermore there will be no new features. Maybe small ones.

  4. Can I use EQdkp Plus 2.3 Beta?
    Yes. We do not recommend using it as a productive system, but some are using it a long time now for their own guild.

  5. Will there be updates for EQdkp Plus 2.3 Beta?
    Yes, we will fix the bugs you will find.

  6. Will there be updates for my game xyz?
    If you add your changes at GitHub or tell uns at our board what we should updates, then there will be updates for your game.

  7. Will you add my new game xyz?
    We created the gamebuilder so you can create your own game. If you are happy with your game, you can upload it to our Repository so other can use lt. Otherwise, we will help you at our board with your game if possible.

  8. Can I get support for EQdkp Plus?
    Of course, we have no plans to shut down our board or other serivices. As long as we can pay our servers;)

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