• Sunday, 18. April 2021 18:52

Release of EQdkp Plus 2.3.0 Beta 1


The first open beta of EQdkp Plus 2.3 contains as well as fixes new features:

  • Install portal modules from the portal management
  • Delete Logs after a given time
  • Set favicon and banner using template settings
  • Extended permission view of users, shows now article permissions
  • Set permissions of article categories at the usergroup
  • Manage roleicons from the admin page
  • Calendar: uses now drag[&]drop
  • Calendar: continue raids, with invitation of latest members
  • Calendar: set alarm for Ical-Export if user is attendee of the raid
  • Calendar: notification when changing raid status
  • Calendar: Signups of deleted char now moved to extra column
  • Calendar: Roles set to 0 at raid creation are now hidden
  • Calendar: Invitation of users to public events
  • Calendar: permissions for creating new events in calendars
  • Twitch Login
  • Discord Bridge, Login and Plugin
  • Avatar-Provider, e.g. for WoW or Discord
  • New default avatars for users
  • Admin favorites now visible in frontend
  • Increment of performance due to cope optimization
  • Select default itempool for event
  • Consolidation of Events to reduce data amount of old MultiDKP pools
  • and more...


  • php Version 5.6 and greater
  • 64MB RAM for php, better 128MB
  • zLib enabled (zip)
  • safemode disabled (recommended, otherwise you can use the FTP-Mode)
  • curl enabled
  • fopen enabled
  • autoload enabled
  • openssl enabled (optional)
  • On Windows Server increased ThreadStackSize to 8388608

Download EQdkp Plus 2.3.0 Beta 1:

Warning: beta versions are not stable versions and should be used as a testystem, never as a productive system. Instructions for creating a test system can be found here.

Upgrade Instructions from EQdkp Plus 2.1/2.2.x:


You will find the whole changelog at our Bugtracker.


  • Extensions might need an update for 2.3. See this article
  • Own Templates need a few adjustments. See CodeChanges for changes
  • Updates Plugins and Templates are available at the Download section

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