EQdkp Plus Team

Since 2005, many Developers invest their time and energy in the continous development of EQdkp Plus. In addition to the official team, there are many other developers, translators and other sponsors who have contributed to this project.

Former Teammembers

Stefan "Corgan" Knaak
Ghoschdi Administrator, Bridges
Lunary Gallery, Templates
Cattebrie Grafik & Design
Damien Counter-Modul
Arcanya Alternate Progression Modul
Charla GetDKP
Sylna GetDKP
Hirogen Templates, Documentation, Wiki
Achaz Ticket-Plugin, Attunement & Key Tracker
Murphyslaw Developer
Redpepper Developer
sz3 retired Core-Developer, Bosssuite
BadTwin Gallery, Guildrequest, Polls
Aderyn Shoutbox, Realmstatus
Macani iPhone-App
Sionaa Games
Whiskey InGame-Addons (WoW, Wildstar)
Lightstalker Administrator
Hoofy retired Core-Developer, Raidlogimport
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