MySQL restore of EQDKP data taking a very, very long time

  • MySQL restore of EQDKP data taking a very, very long time

    I'm trying to restor our EQDKP database which according to the backup file is only 7Mb in size but its currently been running for over 20mins! Is this normal? Is there anyway to see the progress as the "mysql -u user -p password eqdkp2 < eqdkp2.backup.sql" command doesnt show any progress meters.
  • Hi Godmod. Thats what I thought, so I tested a 150Mb backup of a different database and it restored in under 2mins. I used pv to monitor the restore process and whereas the 150Mb file was a steady 4-6Mbit transfer rate, the eqdkp restore file literally stopped as soon as the restore command was given, paused for a few minutes and then continued in a go/pause/go kind of way throughout the entire restore process. In the same time the 150Mb restore was completed, the eqdkp restore had only managed 1.5Mb.

    Is there anything specific in regard tot he EQDKP sql structure that would cause such problems for the restore process?

  • thank Godmod for replying. It must be a problem with the server because I just tested on my local VM and it restored in about 2secs flat :) I just cant see why this file in particular gives my server such a problem. I'll keep digging but at least I know its not the EQDKP file fault :)

    Keep up the great work :)