Fatal Error Has Occured

  • Fatal Error Has Occured

    Good day my site has been working like a boss and since today I am getting this

    10.04.2017 07:36:35 >>>> 1aaf8bc29916eacbd0144b6ae4e7f2f4 <<<<
    Type: ERROR

    Message: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4194304 bytes)

    Code: File: /home/pqytsfon/public_html/libraries/less/Less.php, Line: 2608

    File: , Line: , Function: catch_fatals, Object: plus_debug_logger

    the php memory limit is on 128mb
  • Please check, if your PHP (and especially your installed EQdkp Plus) can use the full 128 MB memory, since the error message cleary says, that it has only around 32 MB of memory.
    At first, you should check within your EQdkp Plus admin panel -> tab "System" -> link behind PHP version and search for memory_limit.
    The left value (local) should also be 128M equally to the right one (master).

    If it is not equal, check for a local php.ini file or equivalents. Additionally, this can be modified within WebServer-Directives (please ask your hosting company) or .htaccess files within one of the superior directories of your webspace.

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