getting a error

  • Error description:

    The template file "a" does not exist or is empty.

    Possible Causes: Template File not existing. Template Folder not existing or wrong named.

    Further information:

    File: a

    Body-File: ./templates/base_template/article.html

    Path: ./templates/base_template/index.tpl

    Function: loadfile()

    Style-Code: eqdkp_neon


    Handler: main

    this is all that is coming up when i pull up my eqdkp site how can i fix this we where trying to add and new template.... i am a novice at this stuff so please dont get all crazy technical on me i just need to know how to fix

  • You can add?style=1 to URLs, to access pages like to reset the default style.

    Also, here is a guide for creating styles:

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