Box character setup?

  • I posted a reply on an old thread but thought maybe since the thread was marked as resolved I should create a new one. I'm on package 2.2.21.

    Our guild has a setup where we want "raid boxes" to accrue DKP at a prorated level. I've played around with the twink character setup on the site and that doesn't seem to do the trick, or at least not entirely. Has anyone else set this up on the site using the standard functionality or do you start to get into areas of automatic point adjustments or general reconciliation? The best method I've found right now is to tag all characters in a raid and then do an adjustment on each raid for the "raid boxes" to subtract down to the prorated amount, which still then tracks attendance and doesn't require me to create multiple raids. Is this the best method based on our setup? (we don't really want boxes to be tied to "mains" so that they sum up). I've tried to do a multidkppool setup but the hurdle I ran into was that I can't associate a group of characters based on rank, etc., to a pool they are only tied to events which would still require me to double down on my raid creation. If I have to select the raid boxes it seemed easier to just do an adjustment than multiple raids and different pools.