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Core from 2.3.x

As Discord has an API and is not installed on a local server, the integration of Discord is a bit tricky.

Login Provider

You can add Discord as a Login Provider, so users can log in using Discord. If the Bridge is installed, they can login using the bridge, but clicking on the Discord-Button is a bit easier.

Discord was added as Login Provider. EQdkp Plus User have to connect their Discord Account at their userprofile before they can login with Discord. Also, they can register by hitting the Discord-Button at the registration page.

Discord Plugin

To get the latest posts module working, you need to install the Discord Plugin at the Extension Management. After that, follow this instructions:

  • You need a new app for this, but as you can add as many apps as you want, that's no problem.
  • Go to https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me and create a new App, click on "Create Application"
  • Note the Client-ID and the Secret of your newly created App
  • Click on "Create a Bot User", and "Yes do it" at the Popup
  • Uncheck the Checkbox "Public Bot"
  • At the Bot User, click on "Click to reveal" to get the Token of the Bot User, and note it down

Then, go back to the Settings Page of the EQdkp Plus Discord Plugin:

  • Insert the Guild-ID. It's the first long number at the URL of your Guildserver
  • Insert the noted Client-ID
  • Insert the noted Bot User Token
  • Click on Save
  • After that, a Button at the side of the Client-ID will appear. Click on it, and add the Bot to your Guildserver
  • Promote the Bot to a group that has the following permissions: #Bot permissions

Latest Posts Module

You need to install the EQdkp Plus Discord Plugin and to fill out each field at the Plugin Settings.

  • Select "Discord" as Forum module
  • Select "None" as Database Connection
  • Make your other settings, as blacklist/whitelist, preview of the post, ...

If you want to use another Discord Bot/Guild ID than set at the Discord plugin, try this:

  • As URL to your board, insert your guild ID and the bot token, seperated by ":", e.g: "232121507191175488:MjU2QWcwOTI1QWE2OTA2NzUy.CyoMNB.CtzJdoyXTlWVEuQWEtWXJhxzv74"

Discord Avatars

You need to install the EQdkp Plus Discord Plugin and to fill out each field at the Plugin Settings.

The avatars from discord can automatically bw used for users with the same name at EQdkp Plus and Discord

  • Go the EQdkp Plus Admin Settings, Tab "User"
  • Allow Discord for the users
  • As Default Avatar, set EQdkp Plus or Gravatar as Discord Avatar Provider does not deliver a default avatar

Bot permissions

The bot needs the following permissions:

  • Message History (For Reading Messages)
  • Edit Roles (For Reading Roles)